Time to perfection


Time to perfection When there seems to be more on your “to do” list than there is enough time in a day to do it, try a timer to keep yourself … [Read more...]

Chunk it down


Chunk it down Decluttering your life isn’t as difficult as you think. You have to learn to “chunk it down.” Start with a box or bin in one … [Read more...]

Compartmentalise Your Handbag


Compartmentalise Your Handbag If your handbag is like a bottomless stress pit, take the bull by the horns and compartmentalise for calm. If your … [Read more...]

Toss Ten Things


Toss Ten Things For a quick clear out, make a start by getting rid of 10 things today. Grab a bag and pick a room or area of your home. Find 10 … [Read more...]

Plan Your Exercise Routine with Pete


This week's brand new printable will get you planning to achieve your fitness goals! So, did you enjoy Pete's printable from last week? If you missed … [Read more...]