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Plan a project

Take a look around your bathroom. Is there anything you would change? Does anything need repairing or refreshing? ✓ Turn to a fresh page in your notebook ✓ Make a list of any changes, repairs or replacements that are needed ✓ If you are … [Read More...]

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Stock up on supplies

✓ Make a list of the items you use in your bathroom (soap, shampoo, conditioner, bubble bath, tooth paste, tooth brushes, toilet roll, scents, creams, lotions, etc) ✓ Make a note of any items that will need to be replaced soon ✓ Determine any … [Read More...]


Worrying is a waste

TODAY IS THE TOMORROW WE WORRIED ABOUT YESTERDAY Worrying serves only to rob you of your time, energy and joy. Make the choice to use your precious resources only for the things that matter and will make a positive difference to you and those you … [Read More...]

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Create a kit

Whether you prefer to have one cleaning kit that you use all around the house, or separate stores of products and cloths and other tools in certain rooms, use today to make sure you have a complete kit assembled for your bathroom. To know that all … [Read More...]

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Sort bathroom surfaces

✓ Take a look around all exposed areas where clutter can gather ✓ Discard any empty or expired bottles, jars and packets ✓ Place any items that you will never use but that are in good condition into your donate or re-gift box ✓ Put away … [Read More...]

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Health check

~ DAILY TASK ~ Health check! Are you up to date with all of your health appointments? Do you at least know when the next ones are scheduled for? ✓ Turn to a blank page in your notebook and make a list of the health professionals you see (these … [Read More...]

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Knicky knacky no!

Grab a rubbish bag and your donation bag and get set to move quickly ... this is a no hesitation task! Move quickly through the main rooms of your home removing the knick knacks that are surplus to requirement and place them quickly into either … [Read More...]

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