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Worrying is a waste

TODAY IS THE TOMORROW WE WORRIED ABOUT YESTERDAY Worrying serves only to rob you of your time, energy and joy. Make the choice to use your precious resources only for the things that matter and will make a positive difference to you and those you … [Read More...]


TODAY is the day … to LIVE

Time is short ... that doesn't mean you have to cram as many tasks as possible into it as fast as possible. In fact, quite the opposite. Remember that life is for LIVING! Have a fabulous weekend ... live in the moment! … [Read More...]


Focus all of your energy

Focusing on what you DON'T want just helps to strengthen your connection to it. If you want to smooth your path to success, in getting organised and living a happy and healthy life ... focus on all the things means to you. Set your goals based on … [Read More...]


Let go of thoughts that don’t make you strong

Let go of ALL the thoughts that do not make you strong. Three simple tips to help with this: 1 - Use a visualisation technique. Take those thoughts and visualise yourself taking hold of them, putting them in a bag, tying the top and throwing that … [Read More...]


What will you NOT do?

Give yourself the gift of focus by making a decision today to remove from your to-do list all the things that you really don't need to do, or that don't have priority right now. It's fine to keep a "someday / maybe" list where you can park ideas that … [Read More...]


You have everything you need

Let's all get this week off to a rockin' start! You have EVERYTHING you need inside of you - now set to work and unleash your awesome potential on the world!! … [Read More...]


ACTION gets results

ACTION gets results. It's great to have ideas. Telling people can help generate support and momentum. Planning is crucial. But ultimately it all counts for nothing unless you DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! What action can you take TODAY? … [Read More...]

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