Let go of thoughts that don’t make you strong

Let go of ALL the thoughts that do not make you strong.
Three simple tips to help with this:
1 – Use a visualisation technique. Take those thoughts and visualise yourself taking hold of them, putting them in a bag, tying the top and throwing that bag away, preferably into a bin that you can close the lid on.
2 – Replace the thoughts with their solutions. Focusing on problematic thoughts only serves to strengthen your connection to them. Instead, focus your thoughts on the reasons you know those thoughts don’t deserve space in your head. For example, if you’re worried about money, replace that thought with a focus on the plan you have made to resolve that problem.
3 – Practice gratitude. Regularly spend time reviewing and focusing on the wonderful things in your life … the progress you’ve made, your strengths, all the things you are grateful for, all the things that make you happy.