Over-the-door shoe organiser

There are endless possible ways to use this week’s recommendation: “Over-the-Door Shoe Organiser.”

The wonderful thing about these over the door organisers is that they do not take up extra space in your home.  You simply hang them on the back of a door (or on the side of a wardrobe) and you gain space for keeping your home tidy.

Possible uses for the Over-the-Door Shoe Organiser:

  • Near your home entry  or in the mudroom: hats, gloves, scarves, dog leashes, sun glasses, keys, umbrellas
  • In the office: postcards, envelopes, tape, stapler, small notebooks, notecards, pencils, invitations, hole punch
  • In the bedroom/closet: jewelry, socks, scarves, underwear, hosiery, hats
  • For your hair care products: curling iron, hairspray, brushes, combs, gel, blow dryer, head bands
  • In the nursery: diapers, wipes, pacifiers, lotions, diaper cream, pajamas, socks, t-shirts
  • Gift Wrapping: tape, scissors, bows, tissue paper, gift cards, ribbons
  • Kitchen Pantry: spices, food packets, boxed pasta, drink mixes
  • Child’s Room: cars, action figures, Barbie Dolls, stuffed toys

Tip: Create labels for each item so family members are able to place items in the correct pockets.

Click on the images below to find these items on Amazon.co.uk or search “Over door shoe organiser