Pete’s Printables Have Arrived!

Pete’s Printables have arrived!

Grab the first one for your favourite price!

Well, we promised that we would be ramping up the exciting things we would be bringing you in 2012, and we are delivering on that promise already!

Herald the launch of Pete’s Printables!

Each and every week we will be delivering to you a fabulously funky and brilliantly practical organiser page featuring our very organised stickman “Pete”.

This week’s page is now available in the shop, so head on over HERE, take a look, and grab your copy.  Use discount code pete4free before midnight Thursday 12th Jan to get Pete for, well, free!

All existing members will have Pete’s printables added to their membership each week automatically.  At £1.25 per printable .. that’s £65 of brand new content each year, along with all the other lovelies we make available to you, just to say thanks for choosing us to help you get – and stay – organised for life!

As always, we love hearing from you, so please drop us a line by email to office@fizzymilkjelly,com with your comments, feedback and suggestions!

We’ll be in touch again soon, when we’ll have our next piece of exciting news to share!

Much love,

Trudy & the FizzyMilkJelly team

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